Renter’s Insurance
(use Community ID 8802157)
We do require Renter’s Insurance at each of our communities.  Click here to view your community requirements.  We are not brokers. You can select any insurance company of your choice.

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Renter’s Insurance policies are designed to indemnify (cover loss) your property in the event of a loss to your property and protect us in the event of property damage or damage to others.

Everyday accidents occur in communities. If you are responsible for an accident that causes damage to the property, loss to your neighbors or cause injury, you could be held liable. If you or your neighbors do not have Renter’s Insurance you may lose everything. Your neighbor and your community are not responsible for the loss of your items. Even if you do not cause an accident and your neighbor does, you are responsible for replacing your possessions.

The only way to protect yourself and your belongings is by enrolling in a renter’s insurance policy.

Why do I need renter’s insurance?

  • To protect yourself from liability
  • To safeguard your property and valuables
  • To protect and recover your possessions in the event of a loss
  • To financially protect yourself
  • To quickly and easily receive payment for claims
  • To provide you with temporary living coverage if your residence is damaged
  • To ensure you have someone on your side when the unexpected happens
  • Simply put, you need renter’s insurance for your peace of mind!

Are there any Insurance Requirements?

Yes, we do have a minimum requirement at each community. We want our residents to be informed and fully understand why Renters Insurance is so important. At the time you choose your new home, the Leasing Specialist will explain the requirements of the community you have chosen as your new home.